Ruby Stewart was born in Brooklyn, New York. At the age of eighteen, she accepted God into her life. Uncertain of the purpose, she became entangled with frivolous things. After much prayer and counselling, she began to move toward her destiny. 

A year later, she decided to further her education. She attended John Jay College, where she studied psychology. Not long after, she decided to accept her divine purpose in ministry. This was one of her greatest challenges. She pursued, perservered and received a Bachelor of Religious Education Degree from Saint Augustine Theological Institute.

Ruby Stewart has a passion for encouraging and evoking people to live to their fullest potential. She travels across the country inspiring, motivating and empowering. Besides speaking, she reaches others through her literary works. Some of her works include her first book, Leaving the World for Salvation; and a novel entitled White Girl, Black Girl (which will be released in the near future). 





Gospel, Motivation and Inspiration

Book Description

It doesn’t take a genius to know that no one is perfect. Everyone falls and makes mistakes. Your pain and suffering seem to override your joy and happiness making you feel all alone. The key thing to understand is that God is the solution.

In this book, you will learn how a young girl who was torn between various life situations struggled to find her way out. She shows you how to analyze your situations and get through them. She expresses how in times of weakness, God can make you strong. Most of all, she explains how she sought and found God, who has made her life better and complete as well as gave her a sense of peace and direction. That same peace and direction she has found is available to you too. The question is: do you want it?




Building a generation of confident women by encouragement, inspiration, example, and deeds-we seek to put God's love into action.


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